Agile Development – Understanding the processes

Agile is a method of developing software solutions that include websites, web applications and mobile applications that focuses on delivering high quality working software frequently and consistently while reducing project overhead and increasing business value.

Created On - 08/07/2017

Does your business need application maintenance services

Application maintenance is necessary to keep business systems up and running as per the current demands of the market – round the clock and throughout the year! Business applications need to be robust and also need to be able to sustain under all circumstances.

Created On - 11/06/2017

Content Optimization – How Does It Impact Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Even the seemingly great content cannot produce results if your intended audience cannot find it easily. Optimizing content so that it is search engine friendly as well as audience friendly is becoming increasingly important for those who wish to take advantage of the immense opportunities presented by digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Created On - 22/01/2017

Do I really need to create a content marketing strategy

Any form of internet marketing revolves around the content. Whether it is on your business website or shared in the form of blogs or articles, images or videos. Well, you need to strategically plan this content so that it drives the right kind of traffic to your website.

Created On - 20/12/2016

Trends in enterprise mobility that you should know about

Enterprise mobility is the buzz word in today’s business world. When the entire world is going mobile, enterprises too are rapidly making use of this technology in order to stay at the forefront of the competition and maintain a future ready strategy for growth and progress.

Created On - 29/08/2016

What is the difference between SEO and SEM

Digital marketing has come a long way and today has become one of the mainstream marketing techniques. There are a number of techniques used for digital marketing such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Created On - 20/07/2016

Benefits of Business Process as a Service

As businesses grow and processes get more and more complicated, they begin to get difficult to manage and require some kind of automation to be able to deliver quality results. This is exactly where Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) comes into picture.

Created On - 10/05/2016

The growing importance of system integration

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, business owners need to ensure that they have a complete process in place that is supported by technology and fully integrated rather than having a number of systems and subsystems that create silos and are difficult to manage too.

Created On - 20/03/2016

What Types Of Content Can You Optimize On Your Website

Businesses produce content at accelerated rates and websites are flooded with news pieces, articles, blogs, images, videos and lots more! Well, what good is all this content if it cannot be found by the audience you target? Unless you are easily ‘findable’ by search engines, you practically do not exist on the internet! This is exactly where content optimization comes into picture.

Created On - 16/01/2016

The fundamental principles of a great UX design

The fundamentals of all great designs are basically, beauty or delight, firmness of soundness and utility or commodity. Once all of these are included in a user interface or an application, it accounts for a superior user experience and makes the app more usable.

Created On - 26/05/2015

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