Infomize Technologies provides comprehensive IT solutions across diverse industry verticals. We provide complete business solutions to empower businesses with the right technologies to improve their operational efficiency and the productivity of the business as a whole.


The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and the demands on technology are ever increasing so as to ensure that patients receive accurate services. Whether the healthcare sector includes domains such as healthcare products, preventive or rehabilitative care or hospitals, we provide you with innovative solutions to help you serve your patients better.


As more and more customers demand a convenient means of purchases and better access to businesses, it is imperative that retail solution providers offer them with innovative online solutions such as ecommerce applications, store management software, order fulfilment, inventory management and point of sales software. We ensure that our retail customers get effective technology solutions to optimize their processes and ensure a smooth workflow within their business.

Real Estate

Buying, selling, renting and leasing properties can be made easy with technology solutions that are designed to provide buyers and sellers the convenience of conducting smooth and quick transactions. We provide the real estate industry with exactly these kinds of technology solutions that benefit property dealers, realtors as well as buyers and sellers.


The finance sector poses a challenge due to the massive amount of data and the potentially high risk, sensitive information that is dealt with on a day to day basis. Our finance solutions are optimized and are outlined to support compliance and risk management guidelines. Our corporate finance solutions reflect the use of cutting edge technologies to provide reliable solutions to foster efficiency and accuracy in financial processes.


As more and more educational institutions opt for online learning environments or use portals as a means of interaction and collaboration among students, the demand for fully integrated applications for learning and administration of schools, colleges and universities has increased. We offer technology solutions for e-learning, student information management, training programs and student interaction portals customized as per the requirements of the institution.

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