The fundamental principles of a great UX design

The fundamentals of all great designs are basically, beauty or delight, firmness of soundness and utility or commodity. Once all of these are included in a user interface or an application, it accounts for a superior user experience and makes the app more usable.

Here are a few design principles explained:

Be contextual – think of the user journey through your product as a story book. For example, in a story book, you will see an abundance of contexts on a single page, for example, the title of the book, the chapter, the page number and the paragraph. It is important that users too understand contextually – where they are within their journey through your app.

Being human – The use interface must be approachable and trustworthy. It should reflect a sense of transparency and must include human like interactions.

Find ability – The interface must have a number of pointers. The one’s that take the user forward in their journey and the ones that enable them to go back a few steps if need be. So, way – finding signs on a user interface makes it more usable and easy for customers to traverse.

Ease – Reducing the user’s cognitive workload wherever possible is the key to creating a great user experience. It’s important to be consistent and clear and at the same time create a strong visual hierarchy.

Simplicity – It’s very easy to get carried away with technical terms and jargons for everything. While designing for the user, make sure that you avoid jargons in the first place. Secondly, make sure that the load times are not long – well sluggish apps are a total disappointment. Finally keep the design so simple that it does not distract the user.

Great design is usually the result of a number of factors. You need to understand your client’s goals and drivers and then analyze the strengths and limitations of the underlying technology and create a design that with the best possible user experience with all the resources you have at hand.

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