Combating business challenges with effective business analytics

The success of analytics widely depends on the alignment of business processes and the tool chosen for analysis. As businesses keep expanding and growing, they need to gain accurate insights into the various business processes in order to fill the gaps and create strategies for the future. No matter how big the data is, analytics has become almost a mandate. Well, there are a number of challenges, but none that cannot be combated.

Here are some of the challenges with business analytics:

Challenge 1 – Strategic alignment

With accurate analytics, it is possible to review the business goals and support the main strategies for your business (or business process) that underpins the goals. Well, it is important to consider whether you would be able to govern and optimize the process more effectively if it were possible to predict how the modifications would affect the result. Further it is also important to analyze whether you would be able to modify the process more readily as and when required, if you have more accurate data at hand.

Challenge 2 – Agility

Businesses can gain real or more appropriately right time insights into complex systems. Information driven companies require greater agility and the ability to communicate results to the business users for whom the data that is analyzed would provide the greatest value.

Challenge 3 – Information maturity

For successful analytics, the key determining factor is the quality of the underlying data. The key challenge here is that either the data is not available; the data sources are too complex or are very poorly mastered. The more trustworthy the data, the more accurate the results will be. It is hence important to perform a maturity assessment for the company’s information architecture. Businesses must identify their data sources based on a mapping to their analytical requirements so that they can measure the quality of their operational information and take appropriate action wherever necessary.

Implementation of business analytics requires a coherent and dedicated approach as well as focus on the quality and maturity of data that is collected for this purpose.

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