Top tips for developing interactive and engaging user interfaces

The user interface is one of the main features of the application that is responsible for increasing user engagement. For users to engage with your app, there has to be some form of interaction between the app and the user. This will help hold the user’s attention for longer than usual.

UI design process

To begin with, it’s important that you define the user’s expectations from the application. Think of how the user will use it and then create a basic layout. Designing the right UI for the user is the first step towards the success of the app.

Clarity is crucial

Each element and its functionality should be clearly defined. Your interface designs must be clear and clutter free. If a particular button appears to be confusing, the user will not waste time ‘analyzing’ what it does! It simply creates a negative impression about your app.

Make pages accessible

Making user interfaces accessible is the key. Intuitive pages with interactive functions work better than those that are plain and bland.

Make defaults pleasant and productive

Most users like to use their apps with the default settings, (at least initially) until they get to know the app better. So, design your default setting such that they are user friendly.

Guide the visitors

Navigation should be as simple as possible. Never leave the users guessing – guide them to the next button. Make it as simple as possible to move from one element to the other of your design.

Incorporate basic elements

Make sure that you incorporate all the basic and the very familiar elements of an interface into your device. A good navigation bar and some means to move forward and backward between the screens could be a good place to start.

Highly interactive interfaces are the ones that work best for any kinds of applications!

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