Undeniable benefits of implementing enterprise application integration

Software applications have helped companies handle critical business services with greater ease. Everything from supply chain management to customer relationships is managed by complex software. However, most of these systems are separate and create silos. However, today’s modern businesses require them to be able to share data and work seamlessly and in sync with each other. This is exactly where enterprise application integration can help. Here are the benefits of this kind of integration:

Information sharing

Integration enables the flow of information between separate systems to be more easy and seamless. It also can consolidate data collection efforts which effectively eliminates the redundancies that are caused by each software saving it’s own data for it’s various functionalities. Integration also creates a single point of data access for any of the systems of people who need it.

Process automation

EAI can effectively streamline processes that include data or activity from multiple software applications. One good example would be the integration of the data from CRM software and the email marketing platform. This can help you send targeted messages to customers based on their prior behavior or demographics. This process can then be integrated with the analytics platform so that you can measure the results and determine the success of your campaign. Well, finally, all this can be integrated with the ERP systems so that your business knows where to invest resources so that they are most effective and beneficial for the company.

Reduced IT complexity

Enterprise application integration enables the smooth functioning of the business processes by combining the information and functionality of several applications into a single, easy to use interface. This greatly reduces the IT complexity and ensures that most of the employees can use them without any hassles.

Increased agility

One of the highest business benefits of enterprise application integration is that it allows organizations to recognize and respond to opportunities quickly. Businesses can easily address shifts in the market, reputation management, supply chain management and a lot more from a single interface.

Integration definitely helps bridge the gaps between different software and enables data to flow from one program to another and enables better management of both – business processes as well as the software.

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