How can search engine marketing (SEM) help gain targeted traffic to your website?

Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing technique where businesses can place their advertisements on the sponsored section of a search engine’s result page. These ads are ranked based on the targeted keywords and how much you pay for the keywords – usually if the keyword is a popular one; you end up paying more for the ranking. Further, your ad must be relevant to the search query. Well, it’s one of the most cost efficient ways to reach out to the target audience – exactly when they are ready to buy. Studies show that almost 90% of online searches are conducted by those users who are at the end of their buying cycle. SEM makes sure that your ad is presented to exactly this audience and increases the probability of getting clicked on. Well, all this is free – until the ad is clicked! Businesses only need to pay when the advertisement is clicked on – this is called as pay per click.

SEM grabs the attention of your audience at the right time

Studies show that around 90% of the users, who search online, know exactly what they are looking for. They aren’t just randomly entering some phrases. This means that SEM has the potential for engaging a highly targeted audience that is already ready to buy!

Easy to implement

It’s a known fact that setting up a SEM campaign is quick and not as complicated as it sounds. The good news is that it is highly flexible and can be configured within a few hours. Ad-hoc changes can be made and you can change the content, keywords or spending at any time.

Measurable results

SEM results are measurable. Success tracking and in-depth campaign analysis can be done so that you can continuously optimize your ads and change your keywords or the amount you are spending. You can take informed decisions when it comes to creating a budget for your ad campaign.

Moreover, SEM helps generate qualified traffic and can help increase your brand awareness too!

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