Understand the latest trends in business application development

Today’s businesses need technology solutions that can sustain even in the dynamically changing market place. Translating business logic into software applications enables businesses to operate more efficiently and greatly improves their productivity too, hence giving them a distinct edge over the competition. Well, above all, customizing these applications as per the unique requirements of the business provides added value to these businesses and provides them the flexibility that they require as they grow.

Here are three latest trends in application development that will impact businesses large and small equally:

Cloud deployment models are changing the economics of applications

Traditionally hosted applications pose a number of challenges to today’s businesses who need to be well equipped for the dynamics of an ever changing marketplace. More and more businesses are moving towards a more ‘as-a-service’ model where the software and the entire infrastructure that goes along with it is hosted and managed externally. Well, cloud services have their own advantages. Businesses no longer need to worry about software upgrades and maintenance etc. They can simply host their applications on cloud services and gain anytime, anywhere access to them too.

User experience is improving

Earlier, business apps were automatically thought of as bland screens flashing rows and rows of data. Well, with the changing times, business apps too need to adopt the user experience that is delivered by the consumer apps (which are usually more appealing to the eye). Visually rich, interactive apps deliver tangible business value in this truly competitive market.

Componentization supporting smart functionality

Componentization enables app developers to blend the best elements of custom built apps and components of the off-the-shelf components to for providing businesses with customized apps that are suited for their business. This ensures that businesses have flexible and scalable apps that are needed in today’s dynamic business world.

To sum it up, businesses of today are looking at new technology solutions for both reasons – improving the efficiency of the internal business processes as well as providing their customers with exemplary user experiences when interacting with the business.

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