What Types Of Content Can You Optimize On Your Website?

Businesses produce content at accelerated rates and websites are flooded with news pieces, articles, blogs, images, videos and lots more! Well, what good is all this content if it cannot be found by the audience you target? Unless you are easily ‘findable’ by search engines, you practically do not exist on the internet! This is exactly where content optimization comes into picture. Each web page, each blog and image or videos need to have strategically thought of content with the right ‘keywords’ placed with the most apt density so that search engines can find your business online, understand what it is above and place it in the search results whenever there are customers looking for your products or services.

Here are a few tips to optimize the various kinds of content on your website:

Optimizing text -Text optimization includes the optimization of the content on your web pages or blogs or other articles. Here are four elements you need to take care of:

Meta Titles – It is important to add a meta title tag in HTML, so that search engines understand exactly what your page is about.

Meta Description – Descriptions are placed in the search engine ‘descriptors’ along with the search results for users to understand at a glance what your website is about.

Meta Keywords – keywords are pointers for search engines to understand what’s on your page, but do not influence rankings directly. You will need to use them with the right density in your actual content so that it helps in SEO.

URLS – Use of keyword rich URLs ensure that search engines get the right ‘signals’ about what’s on your page.

Optimizing Images - Visual content such as images are very appealing to your visitors, but, search engines are unable to read them. This is exactly why images need to optimized with the ALT tags in HTML that define what the content is.

Optimizing videos - Similar to images, search engines fail to read videos. It’s important that you write keyword rich descriptions and titles for your videos.

Optimizing news - Make sure that you generate content that is news worthy and submit it to Google news so that it can be included in the news search results for Google. Develop content that is keyword rich and compelling

Overall, make sure that any ‘content’ on your website is optimized so as to derive maximum benefits for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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