Trends in enterprise mobility that you should know about

Enterprise mobility is the buzz word in today’s business world. When the entire world is going mobile, enterprises too are rapidly making use of this technology in order to stay at the forefront of the competition and maintain a future ready strategy for growth and progress.

However, building enterprise apps poses some challenges. Here, let’s discuss the most common ones:

Device security and manageability

As the bring-your-own device culture is becoming a popular trend in today’s enterprises, security becomes one of the greatest concerns. This rising concern has also given rise to mobile device management software becoming very popular. Every mobile strategy also includes device management software that has built in security features to ensure that there is no external threat to your device and the apps. Most of the enterprise apps come with stringent security constraints.

Multiplatform app development

Enterprises need to think about the diversity in the mobile platforms used and develop apps that are compatible with all the major mobile platforms such as Android and iPhones. Most mobile app developers today prefer developing cross platform apps so that they can be run on all the different operating systems.

Citizen developers

There is also a steady rise of no-code or low-code app development platforms and more and more citizens with no knowledge of app development are creating apps. Well, the challenge here is to control the quality of the apps that get launched into the market. So, with the high demands for accuracy, features and functionality as well as security, it is of utmost importance that enterprises hire qualified professionals for creating their apps so as to automate the business processes.

Threat management

Most enterprises manage sensitive data and need to be well equipped to manage external threats to protect it too. Mobile apps create vulnerability for this sensitive data and pose as a threat – unless they are developed with the highest security standards.

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