Understanding user experience and designing highly usable products

Improving the usability, accessibility and the aesthetic appeal of a product while a user interacts with it is all covered under user experience and creative services. It encompasses the traditional human interactions that have the ability to create an impact and also extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service.

Understanding user experience and creating highly usable products require careful planning and taking decisions that impact the overall design of the final product:


If a product is designed well, it is easy to digest. The brain does not have to work extra hard to figure out how it works. Users will simply ‘get it’ without needing too much of explanation. For example, a menu with twelve inline items may seem more daunting than a menu organized according to some logical hierarchy. You can add to the usability of the design by using different colors, sizes and icons that can highlight the more common choices so that users can find something faster.


Good design enables the user to understand the actual value of your product without being too demonstrative. Being unclear about your product, what it can accomplish and most importantly what is its price? “Buy now” might be a good option, but you can tell users that they have a ‘Free Trial’ before they actually buy! So, be clear – in design as well as its value proposition for your customers.


When you design for usability, make sure that your app exudes a sense of trust. For example, before asking users to complete an action, make sure that you help them understand why.


Creativity and wild imaginations are the foundation for innovation. However, a familiar design always converts better. Hence, make sure that you follow the basic principles and build your creativity above those. It’s important that the user feels at home while they use the app.


Idea isn’t everything. Execution is! Well, a highly complex problem can be solved with a very simple software solution. This is when the customer is delighted!

Your product should seamlessly fit as a solution for the customer! So think from the customer’s point of view and carefully consider all the features that you need to include in the product! That’s when it’s truly useful!

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