Digital marketing for large enterprises – is it the same? What’s Different?

Enterprises of today leave no stone unturned when trying to capture newer markets as well as in their efforts to maintain and retain their existing ones. This essentially means that along with the traditional means of marketing they also adopt digital marketing channels.

Here are a few tips for large enterprises to include digital marketing in their strategies:

Get personal

Global corporations realize that customers need a personal touch to be interested in the product or service. Studies show that 37 percent of enterprise cite personalization as a top priority. The idea is to create segments of your customers and create personas and then create targeted marketing strategy so as to get better conversion rates.

Use technology to your advantage

Global enterprises use technology to gather critical data for marketing. Most of this data includes probable audiences, content, social media statistics, and email. It is important that large enterprises have a technology centered marketing strategy and also have enough tools to analyze their digital marketing efforts.

Create a flexible budget

Traditional marketing budgets are significantly different from today’s digital marketing budgets. So, make sure that you understand how digital marketing affects your total marketing expenses. It is estimated that by 2019, digital marketing will account for at least 40% of the total marketing spend. It is hence important that you keep up with the market trends and allocate the right budget for digital marketing.

Choose your digital marketing channels wisely

It is a known fact that in today’s world, digital marketing budgets have exponentially increased from 25% to over 40% within a very short period of time. As the digital marketing spend increases, it is important for enterprises to select the right channels for promotions so as to derive the maximum benefit. Articles, blog posts, social media, discussion forums – all need to analyzed and a right mix of all these methods need to be considered for inclusion in your internet marketing strategies.


Any marketing campaign must have measurable results. So, it’s important for enterprises to use the right analytic tools to gauge the success or failure of their campaigns. It also helps them make corrections and improve.

Above all, large enterprises work on massive sets of customers. Their digital marketing efforts must be well thought of and well executed. Segmenting their customers, keeping a flexible budget, choosing the right channels and using analytics to measure output – are a few simple steps to begin with!

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