Search Engine Optimization trends to watch out in 2017

With an aim to provide the most accurate and relevant search results, Google constantly updates its algorithm – which in turn keeps business owners and Search Engine Optimization Professionals on their toes. Here are the latest trends in SEO that are expected to take shape in 2017.

Optimizing for user intent

Search engines are getting smarter at identifying user intent. Users are entering full queries rather than a few ‘key’ words for searches. This helps provide better results for any particular search query. In 2017, hence, businesses will need to optimize their digital content based on user intent rather than specific keywords. It’s a good idea to investigate what kinds of searches bring the users to your web page. Make changes to your web page accordingly.

More rich answers and user snippets

As we all know that we all turn to Google when we are looking for some very specific answers. Structured markup can help you achieve enhanced listings on the search engine results pages. Markup helps search engines understand what exactly is on your webpage and Google can then display this information so that it is useful for users.

Increased mobile growth

Mobiles have practically taken over the world and have also reshaped SEO for the past few years. The traffic distribution has been shifted from desktop to mobiles and mobile optimization of your website has become extremely important.

Voice search

Voice search is definitely going to be the next big thing. It’s one of the fastest growing search options. Its hands-free and futuristic. So, while optimizing your website, do not forget to closely examine voice innovation and think out of the box – do not only concentrate on text based searches.

Users are becoming more and more connected with all the digitization that is seeping into every aspect of our lives.

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